Go with Lyla on a journey of rediscovery!  Join her in the pages of Leaving the Gilded Cage as she offers you opportunities to open your “heart-soul connection” to revive yourself so you can create your life on your terms.


Using an Argentine tango metaphor, Lyla invites you to discover your own tango—that driving passion that can fill your heart with joy and raise your happiness barometer so, as Thomas Edison proposed, you can “see the new possibilities that today brings.”

“In Leaving the Gilded Cage, Lyla Berg teaches us to let go of self-doubts and people-pleasing behavior, and rather than fear the work that lies ahead in transforming our lives, to view it as a wonderful dance that moves us forward. After reading this book, I can hear the music of my life. I hope you will too.”


— Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D., Author

Spirit of the North: A Paranormal Romance


Ask Lyla to speak at your next event or to facilitate a professional development program. When it comes to choosing a professional speaker, facilitator, coach, or seminar leader, you will find no one more respected and well-received than Lyla Berg. She will engage your audiences or colleagues with her sincerity and wisdom and reignite their passion for living – and contributing -- more fully.


Let Leaving the Gilded Cage – and Lyla Berg - guide you in opening the door for you to live life on YOUR terms. It’s time to fly!