Whether your audience is ten or ten thousand, in North America, the Pacific Region, or abroad, Lyla Berg will deliver a tailor-made message of inspiration and motivation for your meeting, conference, or classroom. Lyla fully understands the principles and concepts underlying adult learning. People do not want to be “taught” or lectured to, but rather, they are hungry to “learn” how they can have happier, more prosperous lives.


Lyla’s style is to engage, share stories of inspiration, and move the audience to feel their own capabilities. She creatively leads people to remember their dreams, get into action, and start dancing more joyfully through their lives.


To contact Lyla or to schedule a complimentary pre-speech interview by phone and check her availability:





Lyla will make every effort to be accommodating and work within your speaker budget. She books her engagements three to twenty-four months in advance. Lyla also offers volume discounts on her book, Leaving the Gilded Cage, to be included in your conference amenity bags for all attendees upon meeting registration.


To get a price quote, please call (808) 754-0044

or send an email to lyla@lylaberg.com



United States & Canada......$7,500 USD *

International........................   $10,000 USD *



* This speaking fee is inclusive of airfare, hotel, ground transportation, food and all other miscellaneous expenses. This fee also includes pre-speech interviews so that Lyla can customize her presentation to meet your goals and objectives of your meeting. Additional savings are available if you select her “Pre-Pay Option.” Ask for more details on this option.

“Lyla Berg has insight into people that gives her the ability to empower them. This ability helps in the learning process so retention of knowledge becomes a life process and offers authentic change. Leaving the Gilded Cage is a very powerful addition to her trainings.”


— Signe Godrey, Owner

Olsten Staffing Services, Honolulu, Hawai`i

“Lyla has an exceptional talent for connecting with people and contributing to their learning. Her training workshops are outstanding.”


— Larry Zimmerman, Former Director Human Resources and Quality Control Dept. Aloha Airlines, Honolulu, Hawai`i

“Lyla Berg is a catalyst for creative thinking. She is a true inspiration in the field of leadership. She listens empathetically for understanding and speaks with clarity, caring, and compassion. Leaving the Gilded Cage exemplifies her insight and knowledge that can open new doors to paradigms of greater understanding.”


— Michael Han, Owner The Wedding Ring Shop, Honolulu, Hawai`i