“This is a wonderful, extremely helpful book, sharing how one can experience more joy, satisfaction, and enthusiasm in life.”


 — Jeff Bow, Author

Stop Thinking, Start Believing



“A ‘must read’ for anyone hoping to recapture the passion so necessary in one’s life to continue growing and living life more successfully and fully.”


— Nicole Gabriel, MBA, Author

Finding Your Inner Truth



“Leaving the Gilded Cage is easy reading with stories that will delight your heart, challenge your thinking, and encourage you to change some of your perspectives about your life.”


— Julia Keiko Matsui Higa, Author

Being Local in Hawai`i



“This book is unique in the way the dance of the tango is woven throughout the chapters as a metaphor for life. It really DOES take ‘two to tango’!”


— Jonathan Wong, MBA, Med, MPA, Author

The Happy Body

“A very enjoyable book that uses the techniques of Argentine tango, along with entertaining stories and reflective activities, to help people improve the quality of their lives, careers, and relationships.”


— Laura Sturgis, Ph.D., Author

Quantum Transformational Healing



“The most pressing issues underlying productivity in any company have, at their root, the attitude and performance of the people within the organization. Leaving the Gilded Cage offers ideas on how to motivate others to contribute more positively to the organization.”


— Rich Baile, Author

Compelling Sales Strategies



“If an organization is to be able to embrace change, sustain new directions, and maintain its uniqueness, people must be a priority. This book is a guidepost for effective leadership through strong interpersonal relationships.”


— Jono Blodgett, Author

Mauka Makai Fitness



“Leaving the Gilded Cage will change how you feel about yourself, how you feel toward others, and how you view your ‘place’ in the world. What an opportunity to become even happier than you may already be!”


— Tesia Melani, Author

Upgrading Your Future



“We live in a world of contraptions and machines that are designed to connect us to others, without actually having to be connected with anyone. Leaving the Gilded Cage offers insights into the missing components in healthy relationships.”


— Jane Danielle Miller, Author

Transitioning from the Military