Aviva Publishing

(New York)


Publication Date:

January 2015


Page Count: 275


ISBN: 978-1-940984-45-2


Library of Congress #: 2014945846



Trim Size:

6 x 9


Price:  $24.95

“Here is the book we have all been waiting for—and humanity needs! We have  become so task-oriented and driven toward achievement that we often forget the most important thing in life is—to live...really live. Leaving the Gilded Cage is a guide to help us remember how.”


— Ann Patrykas, Author of Akashic What?

Are you feeling “stuck” in your life? Is it hard to laugh out loud or even smile sometimes? Are you feeling like your wings have been clipped?


Lyla Berg has been there and knows what you are experiencing. Despite all her accomplishments, she understands how easy it is to go off on the wrong path, to get trapped in the gilded cage of our patterns of behavior and other people’s expectations, and that working on ourselves is a lifelong journey.


In Leaving the Gilded Cage, Lyla takes her readers on a journey of rediscovery. Join her in these pages as she shows you how to open your “heart-soul connection,” leave the gilded cage you have imprisoned yourself in with people-pleasing behaviors and lack of confidence in your abilities, and revive yourself so you can create your life on your terms.

Leaving the Gilded Cage will offer you ways to:


•   Navigate more smoothly through life’s complexities and confusion

•   Rediscover your creativity and the zest for adventure you had as a child

•   Enhance your self-esteem and build meaningful relationships

•   Turn frustration into fascination and handle conflicts with grace


Finally, using an Argentine tango metaphor, Lyla will invite you to discover your own tango—that driving passion that can fill your heart with joy and raise your happiness barometer so, as Thomas Edison proposed, you can “see the new possibilities that today brings.” Let this book open the cage door for you. It’s time to fly!